Looking for a big loan with great terms? Our Jumbo loans can help you refinance or get you into that next house with more flexibility and less hassle.

  • Loan Amounts from $417,000 and up
  • Low down payment
  • Can use business funds and retirement assets to qualify
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Fixed rates and ARMS
  • Single Family residence and Condominiums

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When you get pre-approved you will find out exactly how much you can borrow. When you know how much you can borrow you narrow down the universe of possibilities so that you only shop for what you can actually afford. You’ll avoid falling in love with something that may be out of reach financially (and that may tempt you to stretch more than you should). Getting pre-approved also allows you to shop like a cash buyer. You don’t need to line up financing and tell a home seller that you haven’t yet talked to a lender. You and the seller can be reasonably confident that the money will be there if you decide to buy.

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