Making an Offer

  • Find a house you want to purchase.
  • Be prepared to supply earnest money.
  • The contract will include your offer and what you want the sellers to do or to give you.
  • Give them a time frame to respond.
  • Get an agreement or a counter offer – you may need to negotiate.
  • After your offer is accepted, you’ll move to the next step.


  • Complete the loan application.
  • Submit the documentation which may include:
  • – Bank statements
    – Income tax statements

  • Discuss the best financing options for you.
  • Discuss how and when to lock in your interest rate.
  • Continue asking questions! Don’t leave this step unless you fully understand the process.


  • The documents you submitted will be reviewed.
  • The lender will determines if your profile shows an acceptable risk.
  • There may be additional documents or conditions needed at this stage, but remember, everyone in the process wants you to be successful!


  • Discuss homeowner’s insurance.
  • Schedule home inspection.
  • Get appraisal.
  • Discuss title insurance.
  • – For you
    – For the lender

  • Go for a final walk through of your home.
  • Make sure you know what to bring to the closing.


  • The property will be transferred from the seller to buyer.
  • Meet the with seller, your loan officer, and real estate agent to sign closing documents.
  • You and the seller will sign a lot of documents. Make sure you understand everything you are signing!

  • Get the keys and move in!
  • Celebrate!